free software for the blind

Why do I carry out eGuideDog project?


(updated on Jul 1, 2013)

I am not blind but only nearsighted. Neither my family member is blind. The project is not based on needs of my daily life.

I have ever answered a phycology question about what I am afraid to lose: eye-sight, hearing, voice, arm or legs. I choose my eye-sight because I feel most helpless if I am blind. I don't know how to learn and how to work any more. Traditional braille books and radio are far from enough nowadays because of the fast development of information technology.

Chinese blind users mainly use Windows operating system because Linux support for Chinese blind users is incomplete. Blind users should take advantage of free software. And the more important reason I think is that command line interface is suitable for blind users. GUI design is not suitable for blind user from its born. I would like to help Chinese blind to use Linux.

On the one hand, eGuideDog project got help and encouragement from many internet friends during the past 7 years (since 2006). On the other hand, there was no long term volunteers to join in our team. When I say "us" in the website, it usually means "me" in fact. The total amount of a few hundred dollars is far from enough for covering the expense of thousands of dollars on the server. Needless to say my time. However, these risks have been taken into account from the start. I had planed to spend more than ten years to carry out this project. Every minute I spend is made sure to be valuable ten years later. I think pouring one life's time to bring great changes to several millions life absolutely worths!

Cameron Wong
July 1, 2013