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How to install eSpeak with Cantonese

(updated on Nov 2, 2013)

For Ubuntu Linux

Here is the procedure to build latest version by yourself

  1. Download latest eSpeak source file (espeak-{version} from get eSpeak from eSpeak Download Page
  2. Extract the package with command `unzip espeak-{version}`. I will mark the extracted folder as {path_to_espeak} in following steps.
  3. Get zhy_list from Additional Data for eSpeak
  4. Copy zhy_list to dictsource/.
  5. Install a dependency package with `sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev`.
  6. Change directory to src with `cd {path_to_espeak}/src`
  7. Edit Makefile (with editor vi, gedit etc.). Find "AUDIO = portaudio", put "#" at the beginning of the line; find "#AUDIO = pulseaudio" and remove the beginning "#". Save and exit.
  8. Build eSpeak with command `make && make install`
  9. Compile eSpeak with command `cd {path_to_espeak}/dictsource && sudo espeak --compile=zhy`. We will get error of "Can't access (r) zhy_rules" if we are not in path of dictsource. And we need root permission because Cantonese dictionary will install in /usr/share/espeak-data directly.
  10. Run `espeak -vzhy "粤语"` and enjoy:)

If you feel above descriptiton too compliate, Try to copy-paste following command in shell.

sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev
rm -rf espeak-1.47.11-source
tar xJvf espeak-1.47.11-source.tar.xz
cd espeak-1.47.11-source/src
sudo make install
espeak -vzhy 123