Three Character Classic
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Three Character Classic is one of the Chiense classic texts. It's the most basic education material for Chinese children for many centries. It shows about the philosophy, morality, culture, history and values of China.

There are two types of Chinese characters -- Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese are used in mainland China while Traditional Chinese are used in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

There are many dialects(languages) in China. Mandarin (Beijing dialect) is the official langauge. Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong, Macao and parts of Guangdong province. Mandarin is called 普通话 or 国语 in Chinese.

Note: The history part of this Three Character Classic ends with Song Dynastic (A.C. 960 - A.C. 1279)

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【Mandarin】 Mandarin ren2 zhi1 chu1, xing4 ben3 shan4, xing4 xiang1 jin4, xi2 xiang1 yuan3
【Cantonese】 Cantonese jan4 zi1 co1, sing3 bun2 sin6, sing3 soeng1 gan6, zaap6 soeng1 jyun5
Men at their birth
are naturally good.
Their natures are much the same;
their habits become widely different.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin gou3 bu2 jiao1, xing4 nai3 qian1, jiao4 zhi1 dao4, gui4 yi3 zhuan1
【Cantonese】 Cantonese gau2 bat1 gaau3, sing3 naai5 cin1, gaau3 zi1 dou6, gwai3 ji5 zyun1
If foolishly there is no teaching,
the nature will deteriorate.
The right way in teaching
is to attach the utmost importance in thoroughness.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin xi1 meng4 mu3, ze2 lin2 chu4, zi5 bu4 xue2, duan4 ji1 zhu4
【Cantonese】 Cantonese sik1 maang6 mou5, zaak6 leon4 cyu3, zi2 bat1 hok6, dyun5 gei1 cyu5
Of old, the mother of Mencius
chose a neighbourhood;
and when her child would not learn,
she broke the shuttle from the loom.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin dou4 yan1 shan1, you3 yi4 fang1, jiao1 wu2 zi3, ming2 ju4 yang2
【Cantonese】 Cantonese dau6 jin1 saan1, jau5 ji6 fong1, gaau3 ng5 zi2, ming4 keoi1 joeng4
Dou of the Swallow Hills
had the right method.
He taught five sons,
each of whom raised the family reputation.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin yang3 bu2 jiao1, fu4 zhi1 guo4, jiao1 bu4 yan2, shi1 zhi1 duo4
【Cantonese】 Cantonese joeng5 bat1 gaau3, fu6 zi1 gwo3, gaau3 bat1 jim4, si1 zi1 do6
To feed without teaching
is the father's fault.
To teach without severity
is the teacher's laziness.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin zi3 bu4 xue2, fei1 suo3 yi2, you4 bu4 xue2, lao3 he2 wei2
【Cantonese】 Cantonese zi3 bat1 hok6, fei1 so2 ji4, jau3 bat1 hok6, lou5 ho4 wai4
If the child does not learn,
this is not as it should be.
If he does not learn while young,
what will he be when old?

【Mandarin】 Mandarin yu4 bu4 zuo2, bu4 cheng2 qi4, ren2 bu4 xue2, bu4 zhi1 yi4
【Cantonese】 Cantonese juk6 bat1 doek3, bat1 sing4 hei3, jan4 bat1 hok6, bat1 zi1 ji6
If jade is not polished,
it cannot become a thing of use.
If a man does not learn,
he cannot know his duty towards his neighbour.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin wei2 ren2 zi3, fang1 shao4 shi2, qin1 shi1 you3, xi2 li3 yi2
【Cantonese】 Cantonese wai4 jan4 zi2, fong1 siu3 si4, can1 si1 jau5, zaap6 lai5 ji4
He who is the son of a man,
when he is young
should attach himself to his teachers and friends,
and practise ceremonial usages.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin xiang1 jiu3 ling2, neng2 wen1 xi2, xiao4 yu2 qin1, suo3 dang1 zhi2
【Cantonese】 Cantonese hoeng1 gau2 ling4, nang4 wan1 zek6, haau3 jyu1 can1, so2 dong1 zap1
Xiang, at nine years of age,
could warm (his parents') bed.
Filial piety towards parents,
is that to which we should hold fast.

【Mandarin】 Mandarin rong2 si4 sui4, neng2 rang4 li2, di4 yu2 zhang3, yi2 xian1 zhi1
【Cantonese】 Cantonese jung4 sei3 seoi3, nang4 joeng6 lei4, dai6 jyu1 zoeng2, ji4 sin1 zi1
Rong, at four years of age,
could yield the (bigger) pears.
To behave as a younger brother towards elders,
is one of the first things to know.

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